Surrounded by the scenic Wasatch Mountains, Ogden-Weber Tech College has offered hands-on technical education since 1971. The beautiful main campus and the Business Depot Ogden offer convenient schedules, competency-based learning, and training opportunities in high-demand fields. With over 300 technical-skills courses in over 40 employment categories, the tech college serves over 6,000 students annually.

The College At-a-Glance

  • Open-entry, open-exit
  • Competency-based education
  • Over 300 technical-skills courses in over 40 employment categories
  • Over 6,000 students served annually
  • Average monthly enrollment of 2,000
  • 600 new students enroll monthly
  • Internships and on-the-job training with nearly 200 employers
  • Custom Fit training for over 200 local employers annually
  • Partnerships with over 100 community organizations

Three Types of Education

Certified Technical EducationCertified Technical Education

Certified Technical Education

These full programs focus on training students for better jobs. Most programs can be completed in 12 months or less. Upon completion students earn a certificate that employers demand. The tech college has a 90% job placement rate because they work closely with local employers.

Continuing Education (Short Courses)Continuing Education (Short Courses)

Continuing Education (Short Courses)

These short courses are open to the community and typically run between 3 to 40 hours. They are a great way to stay sharp, learn a new hobby, or increase job skills.

Custom Fit & Business TrainingCustom Fit & Business Training

Custom Fit & Business Training

This innovative program helps businesses be more competitive and increase productivity. Ongoing classes such as forklift certification, marketing, and quality management allow businesses to send workers for training as needed. The real strength of Custom Fit is in designing individualized courses focused on the specific needs of local businesses. Many companies qualify for government funding to help offset the cost.

About Our Education

Competency-Based Education

The tech college has a unique learning model. Unlike traditional education where students learn and progress by beginning and completing classes at the same time (e.g., quarters, semesters), competency-based education  allows students to learn at their own pace and progress as competency is demonstrated. Students graduate when they have mastered the skills and competencies of all required courses rather than at the end of the year.


A Career and Technical Education Institution Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).  Ogden-Weber Tech College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. The Council on Occupational Education can be contacted at (800) 917-2081 or at 7840 Roswell Road, Suite 325, Atlanta, Georgia, 30350,

The tech college was the first technical training institution in the nation to receive the prestigious U.S. Secretary of Education Award for Outstanding Vocational Programs.

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Equal Education Opportunity

The tech college is committed to providing equal education opportunity regardless of gender, marital status or parental status, race, color, religion, age, national origin, and physical or mental disability.

College Compliance Officer Patrick Butler
Room #104, Student Services Building, Main Campus

El colegio técnico se compromete a ofrecer oportunidades educativas iguales sin distinción de género, estado civil o situación de los padres, raza, color, religión, edad, origen nacional, y desabilidad física o mental.

Oficial de Cumplimiento del Colegio Patrick Butler
Room #104, Edificio de Servicios Estudiantiles, Campus principal

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an essential step in positioning Ogden-Weber Tech College to anticipate and meet employer, student, agency, school district, and employee needs over the next fifteen years.

The Strategic Plan Overview is future-oriented, identifying the key issues facing the tech college over the next five to fifteen years and the objectives that will assist us in addressing these challenges.  The Strategic Plan Overview provides direction for the college’s annual planning process which identifies specific strategies and addresses the local market, program operations, and resources available to the institution.

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Business Plan

The tech college’s Business Plan is based on the initiatives and strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan and identifies the objectives that the college will focus on in the current fiscal year.

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A Brief History

Skills Center North

The tech college opened in April 1971 under the name of Skills Center North. This institution was established essentially to assist adult students in learning new job skills and obtain jobs. Back then, the student body consisted of 93 students.

By 1975, the Utah Board of Regents incorporated Skills Center North as part of Weber State College. Near the end of the 1970’s, expanding training programs received full state and regional accreditation. These important actions served as the foundation for authorizing local high school students to enroll in vocational courses while they completed their high school graduation requirements. The student body soon exceeded 750 full and part-time adult learners and high school students.

In 1982, the institution was moved under the auspices of the Utah State Office of Education, and became Ogden-Weber Area Vocational Center. The student body quickly grew to over 1,200 students who were attending both full-time and part-time.

1986 Campus Sign

Legislators authorized the move to the present campus in 1984 to accommodate a growing need for more classrooms, lab areas, and a steadily increasing student body. In the early 1990’s, the name was changed to Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center.

In 2001, the college celebrated their 30-year anniversary. At that point, the workforce reached more than 150 employees, offerings grew to  over 300 technical courses, 53 employment categories in 14 major buildings, and at 9 locations. Also in 2001, the Utah State Legislature approved the tech college to be a Utah College of Applied Technology campus, which resulted in this institution being designated as a stand-alone campus serving the Ogden-Weber region.

The college currently serves over 6,000 adult and high school students who attend full-time and part-time each year. The high rate of graduate job placement is a continuing force in the growth and economy of Northern Utah.

Our Future

As Utah moves into the new century, businesses and employees are faced with two dilemmas:

  1. The continuing advance of high technology in the workplace, and
  2. A shrinking workforce to fill existing and new jobs.

Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate throughout the U.S. that 65 percent of Utah’s jobs now require high-tech skills. Most undergraduate degree programs do not fully respond to this demand. Consequently, most adults and high school students planning to work in Utah must acquire their high-tech skills by enrolling in technology education programs linked directly to the requirements of employers.

To secure employment and grow successfully with high-tech employers in the years ahead, adults and high school students will need skills in computer operations, math, reading, teamwork concepts, and interpersonal communications.

During the years ahead, all local employers must be prepared for the highly competitive struggle that is taking place in hiring new employees, as well as in retaining their current employees. To combat the problem of an unskilled workforce, local employers will be increasing their involvement with Utah’s educators (high schools, colleges, and universities) to help students and job applicants learn the technical skills that will lead to employment and long-term careers.

More and more employers will also be supporting and sponsoring skill upgrade training for their employees, maintaining legitimate career paths, and establishing stronger incentives to keep their current workers. Employers state-wide will soon recognize that employees are, indeed, their most valuable resource for moving successfully through the new century.

The changes in Utah’s workforce will strongly influence how the tech college enrolls its students, conducts its technical education programs, and works more closely with local employers in keeping this community strong and moving forward.

UCAT (Utah College of Applied Technology)

1986 Campus Sign

Ogden-Weber Tech College is a member institution of the Utah College of Applied Technology and operates under the direction of the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College Board of Directors and the Utah College of Applied Technology Board of Trustees.

The Utah College of Applied Technology can be contacted at:
2801 Ashton Boulevard
Lehi, UT 84043

Phone: (801) 341-6000
Fax: (801) 341-6019