Foundation – About

What We Do

Each year we provide low-income and academically talented students with an average of 150 scholarships to allow them to continue and complete job training programs at the tech college.

We seek in-kind contributions for equipment and materials to help the college’s 40+ job training programs provide “hands-on” experiences for the college’s more than 6,000 students.

What We Believe

When provided an opportunity, every person has the capacity to achieve his or her dreams. Technical education is a viable alternative to traditional 4-year colleges for a great many youth and adults.

We believe that job training is the most effective long-term solution to poverty. Providing a job training opportunity to a low-income individual can change the economic and social direction of a family for generations.

What We’ve Accomplished

In 2012, we raised $350,000 for scholarships, Academic Learning Center, Student Success Center, technical training programs, and college activities. Generous support from foundations, corporations, individuals, tech college employees, and board members helped achieve our goals.  Between 2006-2011, the Foundation raised over $1.4 million to equip the new Barker Family Health Technology Building.

Three-Year Plan

We’re working with you to make a positive impact in our community. The college serves Weber County and draws students primarily from Ogden. One of the poorest cities in the state, Ogden has a persistent poverty rate of 21 percent—significantly higher than the overall Weber County rate of 11.5 percent. According to the U.S. Census, more than 9,000 Ogden residents have not completed high school. An additional 11,500 adults are attempting to support families without any kind of post-secondary education or training, and more than 80 percent of these adults live in poverty.

Over half of the tech college’s students pursuing training certificates are eligible for federal or state, needs-based grants or private, needs-based scholarships.  For a large number of these under-employed adults, gaining marketable skills will raise their families out of poverty. The foundation strongly believes that technical education provides individual opportunity, economic vitality, and social stability.

Three-Year Plan for 2013-2015

  • Provide funding for scholarships to assist low-moderate income and academically talented students to successfully continue and complete training.
  • Acquire funding for the equipment necessary to train our students for today’s technologically-advanced workplace.
  • Provide funding support for program development to consistently enhance student retention, completion, and job placement.

There is absolutely no way that I would be able to even think about going to school if it were not for this scholarship. It means so much to me and to my family. If I have you as a patient, you can take great confidence in knowing that I have been properly trained and am highly skilled to help you. Thank you for believing in a person that you have never met!

Sherrie is in the last phase of the MA program. She plans to work in a hospital setting as an ER tech. Sherrie has four children and is thrilled for them to watch their mom pursue something worthwhile.

Sherrie Abbott