Foundation – Your Investment In Action

Invest in Education It’s more than just numbers and facts—your investment transforms lives. Help us build a prosperous community and create social stability through technical education.

Above: Sheryl Cox, Chair of the Ogden-Weber Tech College Foundation, shares how your investment benefits the community.

Above: Meet students grateful for your support and on track for success.

Above: Listen to an investor’s perspective to learn how the passion and commitment demonstrated by tech college employees influenced his decision to contribute to the tech college.

Above: Job coaches in the Student Success Center mentor tech college students. Megan Kimber describes how the center’s personalized coaching helped her overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Above: Charles Barker, Chairman of the Samuel C. & Myra G. Powell Foundation, explains why his foundation has invested almost $750,000 with the tech college.

Above: Sheryl Cox, Chair of the Ogden-Weber Tech College Foundation, describes why she values the opportunity to serve tech college students.

Above: February 14, 2013, was an especially memorable Valentine’s Day. At the Funds of Love ceremony, the Ogden-Weber Tech College Foundation was presented with funding from the St. Benedict’s Foundation and the Ministry of Sisters of St. Benedict. We share with you this tribute to the legacy of our beloved Sisters of St. Benedict. Blessings on your day!