Apprenticeship Math

Apprenticeship Math Competency Requirements

To help students succeed, most apprentices are required to complete the math competency prior to starting the related-instruction apprenticeship classes. Sheet Metal Workers receive math instruction in their apprenticeship class.

Apprenticeship students may obtain a math review packet below. Schedule a math assessment appointment by calling 801- 627-8300 or 801-627-3742.

Math Review Packets – additional help at

 Students can complete the apprenticeship math requirement in one of four ways:

  • Provide a transcript showing completion of Math 0950 with a C grade or better within the past two years. Any higher mathematics are also accepted.
  • Provide documentation of an ACT math score of 19 or above within the past two years.
  • Pass the math assessment test at 80% or better. Students will be given two attempts to pass.
  • Complete an apprenticeship math course before enrolling in a related-instruction apprenticeship class.

Apprenticeship Math Course

  • Beginning apprentices must enroll in the Apprenticeship Math course before beginning an apprenticeship class unless they have completed the apprenticeship math competency requirements as listed above.
  • Apprentices may choose how many hours per week they enroll in Apprenticeship Math. A minimum of 6 hours is suggested.

Apprenticeship Math Schedule and Tuition

  • SAVE MONEY! Math curriculum is self-directed. The faster it’s completed, the less tuition is paid. Students may complete the course as quickly as they are able. Math courses have to be completed before a new apprentice begins apprentice related-instruction classes.
  • Courses are offered on the Main and Roy Campuses with day and evening availability. Contact the Enrollment Office, 801-627-8463, for class dates and times.
  • A dedicated Apprenticeship Math instructor is available on the Main Campus on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5-6 p.m.
  • The approximate tuition for Apprenticeship Math is $80 per month and needs to be paid monthly in advance. Math classes will be ended if payment is not received by the last business day of the month.