Apprenticeship Overview

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NEW Apprentice Related-Training Program information

  • For information about the AAS Degree in Apprenticeship from Weber State University, see the links listed above under “Apprenticeship Associate of Applied Science Degree Information.”
  • Beginning July 1, 2011, math competency completion is required prior to beginning Electrician, HVAC Service Technician, or Plumber Apprenticeships. Read below for APPRENTICESHIP MATH COMPETENCY requirements.

PURPOSE: Ogden-Weber Tech College partners with area employers and the Office of Apprenticeship to stimulate and assist industry in developing and improving apprenticeship and other training programs designed to provide the skills workers needed to compete in a global economy.

DESCRIPTION: Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by joint employer and labor groups, individual employers, and/or employer associations.

The Office of Apprenticeship (OA) registers apprenticeship programs and apprentices in 23 States and assists and oversees State Apprenticeship Agency (SAA) which perform these functions in 27 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Their role is to, first, safeguard the welfare of apprentices, second, ensure the quality and equality of access of apprenticeship programs, and third, provide integrated employment and training information to sponsors and the local employment and training community.

EARN WHILE YOU LEARN: Apprentices are paid on a progressive wage scale while participating employers (also known as sponsors) teach them leading edge, real-life work skills. These skills will enhance career success by helping to increase wages and opportunities for advancement. Both of these achievements can happen prior to the completion of the apprenticeship program.

ELIGIBILITY: Employer applicants include employers or an association of employers with or without the participation of labor unions. Individual applicants for apprenticeship programs must be at least 16 years old and meet the program sponsor’s qualifications. Generally, applicants must satisfy the sponsor that they have the ability, aptitude, and education to master the rudiments of the occupation and complete the related instruction required in the program.

ESTABLISHING AN APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM: Prospective employers work with Office of Apprenticeship field representatives to develop a set of apprenticeship training standards which include the on-the-job training outline, related classroom instruction curriculum and the apprenticeship program operating procedures. The program will be registered with the Office of Apprenticeship if it meets Federal requirements. Apprentices can obtain their related-training at Ogden-Weber Tech College.

To obtain an apprentice sponsor (employer) visit, write, or call the local Job Service Office, the Office of Apprenticeship (see menue on left), or employer or union engaged in the trade you want to enter. The Ogden-Weber Tech College Student Success Center can also help with your job search. For more information visit the web page at or call 801-627-8494.

EDUCATION METHOD: You can receive paid technical and practical training in high skill occupations through a registered apprenticeship. Registered apprenticeship is a highly flexible training model combining on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. Registered apprenticeship education will help students:

  • Develop a successful career goal.
  • Get paid while learning.
  • Be well-trained in a career and not a dead-end job.
  • Gain nationally recognized work credentials.

Unlike other technical education programs at the tech college, most apprenticeship programs are offered on a semester system. Two semesters are offered each year: Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Each course takes one semester to complete. You may enroll in only one course per semester, and you are required to complete two courses per year.


To help students succeed, most apprentices are required to complete the math competency prior to starting the related-instruction apprenticeship classes. Sheet Metal Workers receive math instruction in their apprenticeship class. Apprenticeship students may obtain a math review packet and schedule a math assessment appointment by calling 801- 627-8300.

Students can complete the apprenticeship math requirement in one of these ways:

  • Provide a transcript showing completion of Math 0990 with a C grade or better within the past two years. Any higher mathematics are also accepted.
  • Provide documentation of an ACT math score of 19 or above within the past two years.
  • Pass the math assessment test at 80% or better. Students will be given two attempts to pass.
  • Complete an apprenticeship math class before enrolling in an related-instruction apprenticeship class.