Apprenticeship Policies

Standards and Expectations

Ogden-Weber Tech College maintains partnership with local employers, and we commit to provide students with the necessary job skills to become valued employees; the effort on our part facilitates specific expectations of our Apprenticeship students. Thus, they are expected to:

  1. Dress appropriately for their chosen occupation.
  2. Conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Three vital expectations have been identified by local employers as valuable skills on the job:

  1. Do things safely, and complete class work and project assignments as instructed.
  2. Put forth best effort every day on class work and project assignments.
  3. Be on time every day, and attend classes regularly.

CLASS ATTENDANCE: An apprentice must attend at least 81 hours of the possible 90 class hours each semester. This 90% attendance is a mandatory requirement by employers and the Office of Apprenticeship. Any absences beyond this point will result in the student being issued an incomplete grade. Students will then be required to retake the course at their own expense.

The only excused absences are work-related absences. To be excused for work-related absences, a letter on company letterhead signed by the apprentice’s immediate supervisor must be presented to the instructor before the end of the week the class was missed. To receive class credit, all class assignments and homework must be completed. A maximum of three work-related absences per semester will be excused. Exceptions may be granted for extraordinary circumstances under the direction of the Trades and Apprenticeship Director.

To be marked present, students must be in class during their scheduled time. Students are expected to verify their attendance by checking with their instructors weekly. Attendance rolls may be changed within seven days.

APPRENTICESHIP GRADING POLICY: Apprenticeship students receive competency credit after meeting performance standards and demonstrating competencies. Performance standards for competency demonstration are set by business/industry. Written tests must be completed at a minimum of 80%.


To receive a MASTERY grade for an apprenticeship course, students must:

  • Maintain 90% attendance.
  • Complete all course work within the designated time.
  • Complete all written assignments and tests at 80% or higher.
  • Complete all lab projects to instructor and blueprint specifications.

INCOMPLETE: Apprenticeship students will receive an incomplete grade when they fail to meet any/all of the criteria listed above.

LETTER GRADES: Upon request, a letter grade may be issued if required by an employer for the purpose of tuition reimbursement to the apprenticeship student. Contact the apprenticeship secretary for more information 801-627-8358.

High School Students

Tuition is paid for by the sponsoring school district; high school apprenticeship students must purchase their own books.


Instructors will have a list of supplies and books required for the apprenticeship course the first night of class. Students should arrive prepared to purchase books and supplies. An approximate cost can be obtained by calling the Bookstore at 801-627-8353.

Apprenticeship Math Class Tuition Refunds*

Tuition refunds are provided to students for specific circumstances. Enrollment fees, student activity fees, monthly lab fees, and assessment fees are not refundable. Students enrolling in the open-entry/open-exit Apprenticeship Math class pay tuition only for the number of hours for which they enroll. Any tuition balance remaining at the time of withdrawal will be refunded if written notification has been provided to the tech college by the student or from the date the institution terminates or withdraws the student.

Apprenticeship Class Tuition Refunds*

Tuition refunds are provided to students for specific circumstances. Enrollment fees, student activity fees, monthly lab fees, and assessment fees are not refundable. Refunds for classes that operate as short-term with a fixed beginning and ending date and for which a fixed rate is charged in advance – this includes apprenticeship classes – shall be made as follows:

  • 100 percent of tuition only for the first 3 scheduled days.
  • 0 percent thereafter.

*Detailed information is found in the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College Student Tuition Refund Policy 530.9.