Frequently Asked Questions

What training programs are available at the tech college? How long does it take to complete a program?
The tech college provides training in over 50 different occupations. Each training occupation contains a series of required and elective courses. To receive a certificate of completion students must complete all of the required and required number of elective courses on the training outline. Training time ranges from one month to 18 months depending on the training occupation selected.
When can I start? When is the next semester or term?
The tech college is open year round to full- and part-time adult and high school students. In most programs, students may enroll as soon as they have tested and met entrance guidelines. The Practical Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Apprenticeship, Cosmetology and a few other programs have specific start dates. Those dates are posted on the enrollment dates Web page.
How is training provided in any open entry/open exit competency-based system? Is a teacher in class? Are tutors available?
In a competency based education system, you are allowed to learn and progress at a rate comfortable for you. When you have mastered the skills and competencies for the class, you move to the next class. Most of the training is demonstration and hands-on with more one on one with the instructor. Requests for tutors are not considered an accommodation based on 504 title requirements. However, the ADA Counselor or other counselors can assist by finding resources to assist with this request.
How do I enroll? Do I need to test? Is there an application process to start school?
Please see the website for either adults or high school students.
What is the cost of tuition, fees, and books? How often do I pay tuition?
Students are required to pay for one month of tuition and their monthly lab fees before beginning their training. Tuition and lab fees are then due every month, in advance of coursework, according to the number of hours enrolled. Books and other supplies may be purchased in the Bookstore.
What financial help is available?
The Financial Aid Office located in Student Services can provide information and applications for 1) state and federal grants, 2) college scholarships and awards, and 3) Veterans Administration aid.
When are the classes taught? What hours are available?
Day classes are offered Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Many evening classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Please check with the Enrollment Office for specific classes and the hours and days they are taught.
Can a program be completed by taking only night classes?
There are some programs that can be completed by attending in the evening but in the majority of the programs, at some point in the training, a student must arrange to attend classes during the day.
What is the job outlook of my program and what percentage of graduating students are placed in jobs?
Every training program offered at the tech college is based on job forecasts and employment openings received directly from the Utah Department of Workforce Services and businesses in the Ogden-Weber region. Employer Advisory Teams assist in each program area and provide information on employment opportunities for our students.