Grading System

Course Completion CreditCourse Completion Credit

Course Completion Credit

In competency-based education, course completion is accomplished when students have successfully demonstrated all required competencies. For most courses, the instructor will issue a course mastery (M) grade when all competencies have been completed or demonstrated. In some courses a letter grade may be given. When this occurs, the grading standard is published in the course syllabus. A letter grade may also be issued at students’ requests. Students should inform their instructors if they wish to receive a letter grade. Letter grades are not issued for transfer or challenge courses.

Transfer CreditTransfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Students may receive transfer mastery credit (M) for a course by showing they have completed the same competencies at another accredited institution. Official transcripts from other institutions must be mailed; hand carried in a sealed envelope or sent as a PDF attachment from the former institution’s email to the Records Office. (OWATC Policy 530.10 Transfer Credit)

Course ChallengeCourse Challenge

Course Challenge

Students may also prove competency in a course through challenge or skill demonstration. Each course may have a different path for challenging; ask individual instructors for specific guidelines. Students who successfully challenge the course will receive a course mastery (M) grade. Course practicums and on-the-job training cannot be challenged. If the course is not successfully challenged, the student must complete course requirements. (OWATC Policy 540.16 Course Challenge)

Classroom Grading Scale

If a letter grade is specifically requested, the following scale is used:

Grade Projects, tests, and skills
A 93% or better
A- 90-92% or better
B+ 87-89% or better
B 83-86% or better
B- 80-82% or better
C+ 77-79% or better
C 73-76% or better
C- 70-72% or better

Transcript Code

Code Meaning
Effective July 2010
M Master Competency
N/A Grade not applicable, master competency met
1979 to June 2010
TR Competencies earned through course completion at another accredited institution
CH Course completion through challenge examination.
AR/W Course waiver upon initial assessment.
CF Custom Fit is specifically designed training initiated by employers to meet particular company needs (grades/certificates are obtained through the employer)
AC Accelerated classes are designed to upgrade a current skill and/or focus on one concept
OJT On-the-job training
CR Competency gained

Transcript GPA Scale

A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3
B = 3.0
B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0
C- = 1.7