Tuition Is Free For Early-College Programs!

That’s right! High school students do not pay tuition for classes. For most programs, all you pay is an annual $70 supply fee.

Why Should you Attend the College?

Every high school student can benefit by enrolling at the tech college. Whether you’re planning to attend a 4-year institution or dive right in to learning a skill, the tech college provides a clear path to reach your goals.

The tech college is a great option after graduation too. Scholarships and Pell grants are available beginning the summer after graduation to start or continue your training.

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  • The skills you learn at the tech college will set you apart from other candidates in job opportunities and entrance to other advanced education programs.
  • Avoid student loan debt by learning a skill that will provide a great salary while you continue your education.
  • Future trends say that what you know and can demonstrate will be far more valuable to an employer than a degree.
  • College is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be – you can save thousands by attending tuition-free while in high school.
  • Classes are offered days, evenings and during the summer.

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