Business Technology

The Business Technology Program training opportunity is offered through the Ogden-Weber Tech College for adult students seeking new skills and career options, including those interested in upgrading their current skills. High school students may also participate if approval is obtained from their CTE counselor and space is available in the program.

Completing the Business Technology Certificate provides opportunity to seek employment using job skills in basic records management, accounting practices, and business software applications such as Microsoft suite. Employment is found in all business areas, including large and small business, education, corporations, and self-employment.

Competencies include a broad range of technical skills using hardware and software, plus soft skills which include customer interaction. Gainful employment in industry is enhanced through completion of your business technology certificate.

The Ogden-Weber Tech College (OWATC) is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE), an organization with over 35 years of assuring quality and integrity in career and technical education. This accreditation process is conducted on behalf of thousands of students across the nation pursuing careers in a variety of technical fields.

Program Information

Estimated Monthly Cost

Estimated Total Cost
Includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies

Estimated High School Cost

Average Wage

Completion Time
9-18 months (990 hours)

Campus Location(s)
Main Campus


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Additional Information

Business Technology Mission Statement

The mission of the Ogden-Weber Tech College Business Technology Program is to prepare competent business technology specialists in cognitive (knowledge), Kinesthetic (hands-on), and affective (behavior) skills to succeed in a career within the area of business.

Working Conditions

Generally business technology workers work in well-lighted, clean office environments and can be full-time, part-time, or contract work, depending on the company. Working hours can vary from days to graveyard shifts.

Training, Requirements, and Qualifications

Employers look for experienced workers and credentials. Internships are required as part of the college experience and count toward graduation credits. Credentials such as Microsoft Office Specialist certifications and QuickBooks 2013 indicate the applicant meets certain standards of competence.

Employers expect workers to be punctual, ready to work, and self-motivated. The flexible competency- based training contributes to this expectation by using a login system for attendance, progress standards, soft skill demonstration, and goal-setting to complete training in a timely manner.

Employers may conduct background checks as a precursor to employment. Any felonies and/or misdemeanors identified may impact employability or internship opportunities. The college counselor and program advisor can discuss the issues as needed.

Drug screening is part of the normal employment process.

Job Outlook and Earnings

Employment of Business technology workers in Utah is expected to have a 2.2% annual average growth rate through the year 2020, under the category of Office and Administrative Support Occupations, However, training in this program is not necessarily limited to the office and administrative support field due to its broad-based content. As with all jobs, applicants will have to work hard to obtain employment. Our Workplace Relations course together with the Student Success Center helps prepare students for success in the workplace. The College offers support and assistance at the Student Success Center in the Union Building (UB106) to teach students how to search jobs, create resumes, interview and market their skills.

Earnings will vary depending on experience, skill level, location, and company pay structures. Job titles and descriptions in business technology are not standardized. Employers create job titles and descriptions for what the business requires applicants to perform. Job searches will require keywords to narrow the scope and find available employment in the marketplace.

Student Entrance Requirements

Requirements for enrollment into the program are determined to ensure student success. For students not meeting the basic requirements, the college provides support to reach minimum levels and entry into the program.

  • Complete enrollment process
    • Enroll in the college and pay fee (required for both adults and high school students)
    • Reading assessment 10th grade reading and language level or higher or ACT score of 17 (valid for two years from test date)
  • Attend academic advisement by appointment and preparation with the following:
    • Review business technology industry overview (skills gained in the business technology program are applicable to a broad scope of employment opportunities so do not limit your search to administrative support jobs)
    • Type 40 words per minute with 98% accuracy
    • Demonstrate basic computer literacy
    • Review Job Search Checklist
Employer Advisory Team
  • Associated Food Stores, Inc.
  • Bank of Utah
  • IRS
  • Vernon Company
  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center
  • Myer’s Mortuary
  • US Foods
  • Recreation Outlet
  • Convergys
  • Flying J
  • Citi

Program Training Objectives

The Business Technology program offers coursework in a number of areas; Leadership, Customer Service, Workplace Skills, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Presentations, Social Marketing, and courses and certification in the Microsoft Suite, (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).

Leadership/Customer Service

  • Principles of Leadership
  • Essentials of Customer Service
  • Critical Workplace Skills
  • Accounting Basics/QuickBooks 2013
  • Business Internship

Software Applications, English, Records Management

  • Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
  • Business English/Correspondence
  • Records Management

Sales and Marketing

  • Introduction to Sales
  • Sales Techniques
  • Sales Presentations
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Project

Program Instructors

Marcie Fujikawa

Marcie Fujikawa, MAED/AEDL

Marcie has 10 years of industry experience as an office manager, bookkeeper, and quality assurance supervisor, along with 20 years of teaching in business/marketing. Ms. Fujikawa is active in and held leadership positions in professional organizations. Ms. Fujikawa holds a current USOE Level 2 Educator License with endorsements in Distance Learning, Business Education, and Marketing Education. Ms. Fujikawa holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management/Direct Sales Marketing from Utah Valley University, Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Marketing/Business Education from Utah State University, and a Master of Arts in Education Adult Education Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix, Online.

Office Hours: M-Th 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.; Mondays 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.; 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. by appointment only

Chad Burchell

Chad Burchell, MBA

Chad has spent over 15 years working in business and higher education. He has taught university level business courses for the past 7 years. He has also worked in Sales and University Administration before coming to the Ogden Weber Tech College. Mr. Burchell has been in leadership positions, he is actively involved in his community through volunteer work, and is actively involved with a number of charitable organizations in the area. Mr. Burchell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Professional Sales from Weber State University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Utah Campus.

Office Hours: M-F 3:00 – 4:30 p.m

Colby Kendell

Colby Kendell

Colby has over 7 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry. Before coming to the Ogden-Weber Tech College, Mr. Kendell worked as a manager in sales training, event marketing, and business to business sales for 4 years in the northern Utah market. He continues to apply his industry experience as the current owner and operator of two small businesses. Mr. Kendell earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Professional Sales from Weber State University and he will complete his Master’s Degree in Professional Communication in December 2014 also from Weber State University.

Office Hours: M-F 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.