Soldering Technician

Students will learn ESD and electronic soldering safety procedures and apply proper through-hole surface mount technology with both lead-free and lead-tin solder as used in manufacturing circuit boards. Students also learn wire harness assembly with proper wire terminations, wire preparation, labeling and wire crimping.

The Soldering Technician certificate will provide individuals with the skills needed to accurately solder, assemble and inspect electronic products, components and sub-assemblies. Program completers will receive IPC J-STD-001 certification, which is an internationally recognized standard for the soldering industry.

Why choose the Soldering Technician program?

  • Short training can be finished in just 10 weeks
  • Day and evening courses
  • Local companies are ready to hire graduates

Utah State funding may be also available to assist with training costs for business employees!

Employer Advisory Team
  • Albion Plant Nutrition
  • Autoliv ASP, Inc.
  • Champ Technology Services, Inc.
  • Kimberly Clark Corporation
  • Lifetime Products, Inc.
  • Western Zirconium

Program Information

Estimated Monthly Cost
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Includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies

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Completion Time
272 Hrs/3-6 months

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